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Waste-not…or at least less during the holidays

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We have to take just a moment to discuss some of the crazy stats that really inspired us to look into building a sustainable, eco-conscious Christmas company. As to not be too overwhelming, we’re going to only start with four…

Ready? Did you know:

  • Generally, consumers buy, travel, and waste more during this holiday month–contributing to a global carbon footprint that is ~6% higher than the rest of the year. 
  • Tens of millions of Christmas trees are grown specifically for the holiday then chopped down each year between the US and Europe, causing significant and unnecessary cuts. Over 200 species of pine trees are also at risk of extinction.

  • Environmental harm from artificial trees includes but isn’t limited to a carbon footprint equal to 40 kg of greenhouse gas emissions and they directly contribute to the global plastic problem.
  • Environmental harm from cut live trees includes unethical farming practices, orest exploitation and improper disposal.

All of these make us say WOOF! And they also just happen to be GREAT reasons to opt for renting a live Christmas tree instead! Remember–we don’t have to kill trees or celebrate with plastic to have a merry Christmas!

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