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In the Press: Featured in the Orange County Register

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In November 2022, Brook Staggs from the  the Orange County Register reached out for an article on environmentally-friendly Christmas options. 

While it was in the crunch-time of our season, when we were working around the clock late November so we weren’t able to connect over the phone, our company was still featured as RentaLiveChristmasTree.com. While we have rebranded to Christmas Tree Rental Co. since this article came out, we’re excited to share our mention in the article as well as a link.

Image picture at right featured in the article | Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG

Potted trees do tend to be more expensive. Plus, a living tree needs a year-round home. That’s where the newest option — to rent a live Christmas tree — comes in.

Brook Staggs, Reporter

She continues, “Companies typically charge a flat fee to deliver and set up a potted, living Christmas tree, let you keep it through the holiday, pick it up after Christmas and take it back to their property for care throughout the year. This is the priciest choice, with rental prices typically starting at around $150. And, to date, few companies offer the option. That means services like RentALiveChristmasTree.com, which rents trees to residents throughout Los Angeles, already is booked out for this season and taking reservations for Christmas 2023.”

While we only got a small mention, it was great to share the excitement with readers in Orange County and beyond! We look forward to having more trees delivered in 2023.


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